Final Cut Pro X Volume Licenses: 20+ Seats (price is per seat)

  • 概述

    Final Cut Pro X 设计用于当今的全数字专业视频工作流,其现代化的架构在编辑 4K 视频时可提供卓越的性能。磁性时间线可提供灵活的画布调整,可让你专注于故事叙述,而无需担心出现如片段冲突和失去同步等常见的问题。强大的媒体管理工具包括基于范围的关键字和智能精选,可让你快速命名、标记并筛选文件,以便即时找到各种片段。Final Cut Pro 充分利用 Mac 硬件的优势,这样你就可以流畅地编辑 ProRes 和原生相机文件,如 REDCODE RAW、H.264 和 Sony XAVC,你也可以创建轻巧的代理文件,带在手头随时随地进行编辑。

    Whether your business or school is large or small, the Apple Volume License Agreement (VLA) provides an easy and cost-effective way to purchase Apple’s Final Cut Pro X software for multiple systems.

    With VLA, you license the right to use Apple software on a specified number of computers at your business or school — you determine how many. Volume Licenses start at 20 seats.

    Customers receive a certificate that authorizes their use of the software for the number of licenses purchased. On completion of your Final Cut Pro X Volume License order, you will receive one content code per license purchased through your VLA. To redeem your software, your employees or authorized users will need to sign in to the Mac App Store with an Apple ID and password provided by your organization, company, or institution. Your use of the content codes and the redeemed software is subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the Mac App Store ( and the applicable license agreement(s).

    For more details, please contact the Apple Store.